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Searching for the Meaning of Life

In 2016, I arrived at a crossroad in life. I felt dissatisfied with my career and that led me on a search for the purpose of life. I came across a quote by Joseph Campbell:

It really spoke to me and I began asking what makes me feel most alive? Joseph Campbell also said “follow your bliss” but when I google this phrase, many said it was impractical advice. I think our society had taught us to follow the money.

Jimmy O. Yang the comedian said it best in his stand up special that his dad told him “everyone does what they hate for money and use the money to do what they love…pursuing your dream is how you become homeless.”

But I’ve been doing it the practical way for so many years, maybe it’s time to try something else. I started taking art classes for fun and my friend said you might as well get a certificate to show for it. When the teacher asked me about my career plan, I told her I have no plans and  it was just for fun.

Follow your bliss has its merits: when I do something for fun, I feel uplifted and I do it better. When I do something because I want a certain outcome (whether it’s for money or recognition), it took the fun out, makes me stressed out and the result is mediocre. So I decided to experiment with my life, to follow my bliss and see what happens.

Check out the interview of Joseph Campbell on ‘Follow Your Bliss’ by Bill Boyers here.


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