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CreateSpace – The Booklet

I am making a booklet to go with my CreateSpace public art installation. It’s a way for me to explain the purpose of the project. Since there will be lots of kids during the BC Culture Days weekend when my installation will be up, I made the booklet with kids in mind. I am trying to make it easy to read with lots of illustrations.

You can download the entire booklet here (Chinese version here下載中文版) or read it here:

Download the booklet here

Download the booklet in Chinese here 這裡下載中文版

As I was drawing and working on this book, I found a video on Youtube (I like to listen to or watch something when I am drawing).

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Panache Desai: Discovering Your Soul Signature

As I was listening to Oprah’s conversation with Panache Desai, I thought this is exactly what my project is about. I found Desai’s book in our library and borrowed it immediately. Once again, Oprah has introduced me to another must-read author.

One of the big takeaways is the practice of non-judgment. I first learned about this concept of non-judgment from Deepak Chopra. I tried it on my mother-in-law and miraculously turned our hostile relationship into a harmonious one. I am a believer of this kind of teaching ever since. In Desai’s book, he talks about acceptance of ourselves without judgment. Can you imagine if we have a hostile relationship with ourselves? No wonder people are suffering mentally and emotionally.

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