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CreateSpace – Choosing the Site

I want to set up my temporary public art installation outside of Richmond Cultural Center where there are a lot of trees and enough space for my tent. During BC Culture Days, this area will have a lot of foot traffic and I can invite people to participate. The other day, I went to the site to take some pictures.

(Picture on left): I can set up the “mind chatter tent” on the green space and when people leave the tent, they will come face to face with the trees. I noticed the construction noises coming from across the street and it may interfere with my sound recordings.

(Picture in the middle): I wonder if I can set up the tent on the walk way so it’s easier for people to walk on especially if it’s in the dark tent.

(Picture on right): This is a nice space, further from the noise of the street and construction site, lots of trees in from but the green space is not leveled. It may not be safe to walk here.

I also notice the trees are very tall with no low branches for me to tie the ribbons on. I have to look around for other trees and found this row of trees right beside the entrance to the cultural centre. See pictures below:

The only thing is that the entrance is a bit further from my tent. I may have to ask people to write on the ribbon right after they exit the tent but walk over here to tie their ribbons. I will need someone to help me guide people here. There also may be other tables here during BC Culture Days and access to the trees is a question. The good thing is that the trees are right by the entrance to the Cultural Centre. If I leave the ribbons on for a while (say a week to a month), more people can interact with the ribbons and wonder about what they were. I will make a sign to let know know about this project.

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